Thanksgiving Bulletins

From the founding of our country, Thanksgiving has been an important part of our culture. However, the Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed on that first Thanksgiving was nothing like the feasts we enjoy today. Nonetheless, the theme has not changed. The Thanksgiving holiday is about giving thanks to God. Our abundance is reflected in our material provision. We have warm clothing. Food is plenteous. Shelter is available. Yet our true wealth is reflected in the spiritual riches, which we have in Christ. We can give thanks to God for all that he is and all that he has done for us. Thanksgiving bulletin covers are important at this time of year. In the weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, you will want to use program covers reflecting the symbols of the season—pumpkins, cornucopia, autumn leaves, and fall colors. An attractive church program can do a lot in creating excitement and anticipation as you prepare for the important Thanksgiving season.

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