Maundy Thursday Clipart

This growing collection of Maundy Thursday Clipart provides images to symbolize Jesus' Last Supper. A key image for this day is Jesus's act of humility in washing the feet of his disciples. The images of the water decantor and the bowl can be used to symbolize this act. Use the FaithClipart.com caption editor to add your own message or passage from the Bible to any Maundy Thursday image. You'll find that the washing of feet is a reference that comes up again and again in the study of Christ and his message of service, equality, giving, and love. The Last Supper is the occasion when Jesus revealed to his disciples his own knowledge of his fate and yet chose to honor them instead of bring pity upon himself. These images are useful to illustrate the stories of Holy Week, as well as in ongoing studies of the life and times of Jesus Christ.

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