Human Suffering Clipart

Doubts, disbelief, and suffering are all parts of the human condition, and likewise all parts of what makes the love of Jesus so miraculous. The FaithClipart.com collection features many human suffering clipart images to help illustrate your church's everyday printed materials. Printings for your church's support groups will benefit from black and white images of grieving faces, questioning men with arms thrown wide, travelers bowed by the weight of their burdens, and figures looking inward to question their beliefs. Those with a specific sermon topic in mind may illustrate the events of 9/11 in their church programs. Others meaning to comment on the state of violence in the world may look to knight or sword clipart for their newsletter or church bulletin. Other illustrations in this section include a man on the road to Christianity and images of chains breaking, symbolizing the freedom from bondage and payment for sin which the love of Christ allows.

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