Church Rose Clipart

The Church Rose Clipart category at Sharefaith makes it easy to incorporate these beautiful, powerful symbols into your church's printed materials. Roses can mean many things with reference to the Christian faith. For some, red roses represent the blood of Christian martyrs, and so may be appropriate for illustrating Saints' Days or the Easter season. Many photorealistic, line art, and stylized red roses can be found in this category for just this reason! White roses have often been associated with the innocence and purity of the Virgin Mary, and may be used to illustrate the Nativity or any other aspect of pureness of spirit or chastity. Other roses illustrated in this category include yellow roses, roses twining around golden crosses, single stem roses and more. Some in popular culture have said that the rose only acquired thorns after man left the Garden -- whatever your belief, you'll find both kinds in the Church Rose Clipart category.

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